Beat Patrol ...

As you travel the road that is the Dayton Police History website, you will find stories, points of interest, references and sources of information, all related to local law enforcement.

Although many topics under this menu section of the website are under construction, the page that covers the Fraternal Order of Police is completed and ready for your reading interest.  Within the larger account you will find the backgrounds on Dayton FOP Lodge No. 44 and other areawide local FOP lodges.

Pages on other topics are under construction but will be coming soon.  A sample of what will be found under the "Beat Patrol" menu include:

  • Areawide Patrol - The Origin and Evolution of Local Law Enforcement (coming soon)
  • Fraternal Order of Police - The Largest Organization Representing Police Officers
  • Favorite Links - Explore Websites of Interest to DPHF (under construction)
  • History Links - Explore Historical Accounts Online Related to Local Police History (being planned)
  • The Book Shelf - Local Law Enforcement and Crime Stories in Hardcover and e-Book Formats (being planned)

Look for these and more in the coming months.  Thank you.