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    Montgomery County Law Enforcement Memorial

    By attending the Montgomery County Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony on Friday, May 3, 2019, citizens can best observe local police history and honor the true heroes of our community… law enforcement officers who lives were sacrificed in the line of duty.  This year’s service is held under cover of the Riverscape Pavilion.The MCLEM Ceremony has proven to be a well-organized event and well worth the time spent paying respect to our 38 fallen law enforcement officers countywide, ...  Read More...

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    B of I Changes

    While the 1970's brought about changes in the nature and scope of the Bureau of Identification and Crime Lab, the Detective Bureau similarly experienced transformation. In 1975, with the promotion of Captain Gil Thurman to the rank of "major," the "Investigative Bureau" expanded. The new "Investigations Division" split into two distinct bureaus ...   Read More...

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Welcome to our new home for the Dayton Police History Foundation website.

Please take time to browse our site to learn more about Dayton law enforcement, the profession that stirs the imagination of children and adults alike!  Over decades, local police officers have thrilled kids by acts of heroism as well as entertained, encouraged and profoundly influenced our children’s lives.  Adults are intrigued when they discover why Dayton police rightly prides itself in the many ways by which it has been at the cutting edge of the law enforcement profession on statewide, national and even worldwide stages.  You will, too, as you patrol our website.

The legacy of local policing embodies Dayton’s rich history.  It is more than a single event or a special moment in time.  Law enforcement captures the unfolding of past years forward in this community we proudly call Dayton, Ohio.  Join us in the adventure.

The Christmas Killings: 40 Hours to Justice is an account of the 1992 murder spree investigated 25 years ago by four members of the Dayton police homicide squad. It is told from the perspective of the investigators both in the way the killings unfold for them in 1992 and as they recalled the callouts and suspects.  A significant component of the story is based on a 2012 interview session with the four detectives that was conducted at "The Moraine Embassy" bar and grill, for decades a regular watering hole  for newspaper reporters, court officials, and police.

The book was written in documentary-style.  It has many images of the detectives during the interview session, records from the investigative case file, newspaper articles and headlines, period and current photographs, maps depicting locations and the action as it recounted.  In keeping with the style, it is delivered as if by screen narration.  The actual verbatim radio transmissions between uniformed officers and dispatcher add a dynamic element to the story.  The Christmas Killings: 40 Hours to Justice is available online at www.amazon.com. 

All proceeds support the efforts of Dayton Police History Foundation to preserve the legacy of  local law enforcement.

Drenched Uniforms and Battered Badges - How Dayton Police Emerged from the 1913 Flood recounts the role of Dayton lawmen during one of the nation's worst natural catastrophes, Ohio's Great Flood.  It tells how the police persevered against the terrible force of nature and how law enforcement pressed forward in its aftermath. 

As the levees were breached, 136 patrolmen, at great personal peril, rescued and aided the citizens of Dayton.  Police officers acted on their own instincts in the first few days because they were in the field without lines of communication, transportation or supervision.  The story describes the measures taken by those on the front line to safeguard the city of Dayton at the time of its greatest natural disaster. 

This commemorative book, written for the 100th anniversary of the Great Flood, includes more than 70 flood and police pictures, photographs of 25 patrol men and unique images of police artifacts from the period.  Drenched Uniforms and Battered Badges is available online at www.amazon.com. 

All proceeds support the efforts of Dayton Police History Foundation to preserve the legacy of  local law enforcement.