Dayton Metropolitan Police Exhibit

Dayton Police History Foundation, ever-dedicated to the preservation of our local police past, sponsored the six-month exhibit, Patrolling the Streets of Dayton, at Carillon Historical Park in 2008.  Attendance records were not kept but park officials know the exhibit was visited by 20,000 children, making it a community success by DPHF's measure.  When it closed, there remained a desire to keep the history alive!  

In years since, the interest in the story of local law enforcement has manifested in publications, presentations, smaller exhibits, and even film accounts.   The time has come to bring back together the police artifacts, intriguing photographs and compelling stories that were dispersed in 2008. 

It is time for Dayton police history to be reintroduced in a permanent setting!



In December 2015, DPHF engaged Exhibit Concepts, Inc. to illustrate an exhibit building based on an actual 1902 Dayton police patrol house.  Interior concept renderings were completed as well.

Now, DPH Foundation officials are taking the necessary steps to begin a campaign to raise $1.5 million and are actively engaged in discussions.  Visit us often to follow the police museum initiative as it unfolds.