Montgomery County's Fallen 40

Law Enforcement Officers from Montgomery County have sacrificed their lives in the service of their local communities of which 25 are Dayton police officers (see "Dayton Fallen 25" page).  One of those fallen officers was Mounted Patrolman William Dalton in 1899.  Pursuing on horseback a criminal, the patrolman was thrown from his mount to the pavement, cracking his skull.  Although a six-year veteran of the Dayton police force at the time, Ptl. Dalton had previously been the town constable for Miamisburg through 1893.  

Ironically, Miamisburg would be the location of the first death of a law officer from an agency in Montgomery County outside the corporate limits of the city of Dayton.  The first of these fallen officers was city of Miamisburg Patrolman Frank Weidner in 1922.  Ptl. Weidner was stabbed to death by a man arguing with a theater owner on Main Street.

Since the early 20th Century, 15 peacemakers from local law enforcement - police officers, deputy sheriffs, a state trooper and a railroad detective - have died in the line of duty serving communities within Montgomery County.

Below is the roll of the 15 fallen officers from 14 law enforcement agencies.  Click on the name to learn more about the officer and the circumstances surrounding the officer's death.

Off. John P. Kalaman - 1998 - Centerville Police Department

Ptl. Larry J. Safreed - 1984 - Riverside Police Department

Ptl. Frederick J. Beard - 1983 - West Carrollton Police Department

Ptl. William A. Aldridge - 1977 - Jefferson Twp. Police Dept. (Mont. Co. Sheriff's Office ¹)

Ptl. Jahn E. Schmidt - 1976 - Butler Twp. Police Department

Sgt. Robert G. Woods - 1976 - Germantown Police Department

Dep. Randal K. Richter - 1975 - Montgomery Co. Sheriff’s Office

Off. Leo Casto, Jr. - 1974 - Wayne Twp.Police Department (Huber Heights Police Department ²)

Ptl. Paul J. Metzger - 1972 - Kettering Police Department

Lt. James E. Bohanan - 1969 - Vandalia Police Department

Tpr. Ernest E. Cole - 1964 - Ohio State Highway Patrol(Dayton Post)

Dep. Bobby J. Thatcher - 1952 - Montgomery Co. Sheriff’s Office

Ptl. Claude McCormick - 1933 - Oakwood Public Safety Department

Det. Alfred Knight - 1927 - B&O Railroad Police Department (Baltimore & Ohio Railroad ³)

Ptl. Frank P. Weidner - 1922 - Miamisburg Police Department

  ¹ Note:  Wayne Township is now the City of Huber Heights.

  ² Note:   Jefferson Twp. PD no longer exists.  The township (death scene) is patrolled by the Montgomery Co. SO.

  ³ Note:  The B&O Railroad PD no longer exists. The North Railroad Yard (death scene) is also covered by MCSO.